C Turner, Parent, 2020

“St Peters has been absolutely fantastic for my son, with the staffs wonderful, caring and fun attitudes he has really grown and become more independent. He loves the free play setting and runs in happy to be there. He comes out with the biggest smile on his face after a day of play. I will be sending my other little boy here without hesitation when he is old enough too. Looking forward to seeing him enjoy his time there too.”

M Curran, Parent, 2020

“This is a fabulous village pre-school run by very experienced and nurturing staff. My 3 children attend and they are very happy, safe and have loads of fun. There are weekly learning themes which are often aligned with the seasons, and always a focus on fun, emotional well-being and behaviour. Staff are totally tuned in to every childs needs and excellent in promoting a sense of independence.”

A. Jewell, Parent, 2020

“I sent both my children to St Peter’s Preschool. One is now at school and the other started when he was two and still attends.  St Peter’s was a magnificent platform for my son’s transition to school. The hands-on, fun learning experiences, alongside kindness and encouragement in abundance, from all staff members, boosted my son’s confidence levels. He started school independent and prepared to learn. My three year old loves to attend pre- school and settled in quickly due to the nurturing staff members. When he is picked up, he comes home with a piece of art work and lots of happy stories about what he got up to.”

C. Keyton, Parent, 2020

“This pre-school has given both my children the best foundation possible before starting school. The friendly atmosphere and exceptional staff gave them both the most fantastic grounding and meant my little boy has thrived at school and my daughter cannot wait to start school in September. I don’t think I can ever thank them enough.”

E. Roseman, Parent, 2020

“Staff are so caring, and the space is lovely and open, truly freeflow from aged 2 years. I travelled from Haywards Heath for both my kids to go here, I can’t recommend enough.”

L. Watson, Parent, 2020

“I love the open space and free flow environment that St Peter’s preschool offers. All the children are happy, the staff are friendly and approachable and there’s just a lovely, welcoming atmosphere. They provide varying activities to promote children’s development and have a beautiful, open outside space. I take great comfort knowing that I am leaving my son in a safe and stimulating environment that he loves.”

M. Craik, Parent, 2020

“My daughter runs in happy and excited without fail and has done for two years. During that time she’s developed wonderful relationships with both the very caring staff but also with her friends – the majority of whom will be transitioning together to St Peters Primary. This is a fabulous village Pre School which truly cares.”